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    Discover our professional and consumer Philips lighting products

    Home Lighting

    The right light for quality and savings


    Experience our innovative lighting solutions for every application in your home

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    LED Bulbs

    The right light for quality and savings


    Lighting bulbs

    Full range of bulbs for every application


    Discover the Right Light

    Your guide on how to choose the right light for home


    Essential LED Bulb

    The most affordable LED bulb

    Public Spaces

    Enhance your identity in a sustaibale way 


    Build a smarter city with connected lighting that can reduce energy and maintenance cost, simulate economic development and enhance the life of citizens

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    Building a smarter city

    Discover our porpositions for a smart cities


    Sports Lignting

    Creating thrilling experience for spectators


    Ligthing for our future

    Lighting systems for education sector


    Tunnel Lighting

    Creating a safe passage for commuters

    Office and Building

    Optimize your building


    Optimize your building with smart connected lighting system from Philips Lighting to save energy and improve operational efficiency while also enhancing employeeproductivity, and well-being.

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    Application area

    Boost productivity of your employees

    Reduce cost while improving efficiency and motivation


    Green Parking

    Wireless lighting system that saves cost and energy


    Green Warehouse

    A future proof and flexible warehouse lighting system



    Improve patient experience in your hospital

    Retail and Hospitality

    Enhance customer experience


    With deeper insight into your customers’ activities and preferences, you can tailor lighting to create welcoming and memorable experiences while achieving the energy efficiency and sustainability goals that are the cornerstone of your brand.

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    Application area

    Attracting customer with light

    An welcoming ambience that is sustainable and flexible 

    Application area

    Attention_grabbing lights

    Lighting can entice drivers to take a break & purchase refreshments


    Bring spaces alive

    Endless ways to play with color, movement, texture and light

    Application Area

    Turn stores into stories

    Drive sales and convey your brand vision with attractive in-store ambience.