Designed to be seen

Looks good, on and off.

Go classic, vintage or modern

Do you prefer classic design, vintage or something a bit more modern? Philips Decorative LEDs are available in all your favourite shapes and sizes. You can choose dimmable or non-dimmable versions. Not sure if your dimmer is compatible, check this list.
Classic LED lamps

Here’s how it looks

Our Decorative LEDs can give each room a special look. To see how the bulbs look on and off, click the circle and drag it left or right.

Our Decorative LEDs

Vintage bulb


Retro bulbs with visible filaments 
Modern bulb


A clean minimalistic look 

Add your special touch

The 2m wire gives you several mounting options. Add a special touch to your kitchen or dining room.

In the spotlight

change the mood with Philips SceneSwitch

Flick the switch, change the setting

Change the mood with a Philips SceneSwitch bulb. No dimmer needed.  
classic design bulb

Dim for a cosy, warm glow

Bring warmth to your home with WarmGlow. The more you dim, the warmer the light.
Bulb advisor - Philips LED bulbs

Find the right bulb 

Philips has the most comprehensive range of LED bulbs. Our Bulb Advisor tool helps you make the right choice.