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    Bring your venue to life

    Excite fans with an experience they’ll never forget  

    Give your venue an opportunity to shine. With ArenaExperience, an average game becomes a truly exciting event. Glare-free lighting helps cameras capture the action and gives spectators a clear view of the activities on the field. Architectural lighting draws fans in and sets your venue apart. Intelligent control systems reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Find out how you can make your venue more flexible, increase the number of events, save money, and achieve a unique and innovative multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue.

    Optimize operations

    Adapt to future demands with a flexible, future-proof, and versatile lighting system


    Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting systems, connectivity and remote monitoring


    Increase revenue streams with the flexibility to host different types of events in the same space

    Enhance experience

    Integrate lighting, entertainment, and sound to create a fully immersive fan experience


    Meet demanding slow-motion broadcasting requirements with flicker-free lighting technology


    Excellent color rendering, temperature, and uniformity ensure that athletes have a clear view on the field

    Improve safety

    Improve safety and crowd flow with well-lit areas in and around the stadium


    Improve guidance to seats, restaurants, fan shops, and exits


    Boost venue reputation with increased safety and comfort for fans, athletes, and employees

    Explore the possibilities

    Create an immersive experience


    Bring your façade to life

    Lighting for bridges, monuments and facades
    A well-lit office - multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue.

    Create the right ambience inside your venue

    Lighting for retail
    Lighting for hospitality 
    Lighting for offices 
    Luminous textile
    Luminous patterns
    Luminous carpets
    Improve safety and create excitement before fans enter the venue - floodlight for sport arena

    Improve safety and create excitement before fans enter the venue

    Lighting for parking garages
    Lighting for parks and plazas

    Philips lighting services

    Professional Services

    Lighting insights and customized design

    Professional Services


    Are you looking to upgrade your lighting? With your needs and desired outcomes in mind, we’ll assess your existing installation and give you clear insights and advice on how to optimize your lighting plan. This can include everything from a complete redesign to an easy LED retrofit solution.

    Lifecycle Services

    Extend the life of your lighting installation

    Lifecycle Services


    Your lighting infrastructure is one of your organization’s most valuable and critically important assets, so you’ll want to protect that investment. With the right maintenance plan and remote assistance, we can help you extend the products’ lifetime and optimize their performance, with fewer interruptions and unexpected costs.

    Managed Services

    Outcome-based performance for your lighting

    Managed Services


    For total peace-of-mind, why not completely outsource your lighting infrastructure? Our Managed Services have got you covered – from the initial design and installation to continued hassle-free operation and maintenance. We will even factor in economic sustainability and help you minimize your carbon footprint.

    Managed Services
    Outcome-based performance

    Standard Managed Services

    Hassle-free savings with optimized performance

    A turnkey approach, Managed Services include everything from the design and build to the operation and maintenance of your lighting installation:


    • Lighting plan created based on visible light output performance
    • Save money on energy and maintenance costs
    • Hassle-free operation with updates to new product upgrades
    • Service based on KPIs such as energy usage, light levels and lighting uptime

    Light as a Service

    No upfront investment

    This unique Light as a Service proposition includes everything in the Standard Managed Services – plus financing:


    • No upfront investment in your lighting
    • Simply pay for the light you use
    • Fixed monthly or annual fee for easy cash flow management

    Philips Circular lighting

    Best in class sustainability with circular economy elements

    Philips Circular Lighting is your most complete CSR option in lighting services, with everything included in Light as a Service – plus:


    • Lighting services designed from the ground up for reuse and recycling
    • Use of equipment from specially developed, sustainable product lines
    • Minimize your carbon footprint and materials wastage
    • Boost your sustainability rating and brand image

    Lifecycle Services
    Extend the life of your lighting installation

    Essential Package

    Protecting your investment


    Extend the life of your lighting installation and safeguard your investment.


    • Preventive maintenance helps you catch issues and correct them quickly
    • Software licenses, helpdesk support and service ticketing included
    • Remote assistance within business hours ensures rapid support

    Premium Package

    Hassle-free operation


    For peace-of-mind and better control of your costs, the Premium Package includes everything in the Essential Package – plus:


    • Comprehensive coverage at a fixed annual cost
    • Labor and materials (spare parts and/or functional product replacements) in case of failures
    • Trained service engineers for on-site corrective and preventive maintenance

    Premium+ Package

    Optimize performance


    For comprehensive insight and control , including effective lifecycle management, Premium+ offers everything included in the Premium Package – plus:


    • Thorough analysis of your lighting usage and needs, with detailed reports 
    • Ongoing consultations
    • Ongoing training, system optimization and content management
    • Detailed documentation in the Philips MyServices Portal

    Professional Services
    Lighting insights and customized design

    Audit and Design Services


    Excellent lighting starts with a expert plan. To help you make an informed decision, Philips will begin by assessing how well your current lighting equipment matches your lighting needs. We’ll perform a detailed audit of your organization, facility or project. The data collected on-site will inform an optimized lighting design.

    Of course, you are integral to this process. Together we will co-create your optimized lighting solution to ensure the new plan meets all your lighting needs – now and in the future.

    Of course, you are integral to this process. Together we will co-create your optimized lighting solution to ensure the new plan meets all your lighting needs – now and in the future.A well-lit office is a productive office. Ask Philips to conduct a detailed audit of your office lighting – it will help you to understand your current lighting conditions in terms of energy consumption, light distribution, visual comfort and the light levels in different spaces.

    Our experts will then use the data collected in the audit to provide you with a new, optimized lighting plan. This can include a variety of lighting solutions, like a fast LED retrofit installation. Your new lighting design will be a perfect match for every space in your office building, from meeting room to restroom.

    Consulting Services


    Knowing what you want your lighting to deliver is one thing – knowing how to get there is another. With the help of Philips consulting services, we’ll help you create the most effective long-term lighting plan – which can be anything from a completely new installation to a straightforward LED retrofit. We’ll also assist you in creating a compelling business case for your planned investments.

    Once you’ve set the priorities and targets for your new lighting installation, our consulting services will help you fill in he details. This includes the use of a detailed user-experience design, visualizations of the final installation, and mock-ups.

    Updating your lighting equipment can deliver a significant improvement in the quality of your office building. That’s why our consulting services help you to select the best lighting plan and draw up a compelling business case.

    Philips is your long-term partner in lighting, and we’ll provide you with best possible options for energy savings, space monitoring and optimum light levels. That way, you will be sure to get the most out of your available office space, with a future-ready lighting system.

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