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    MASTER LEDlamps

    for general and accent lighting

    MASTER LEDlamps
    that help explore new possibilities

    Our extensive high end range of MASTER LEDlamps contribute to delivering high quality light. Whether you need a solution for your car park or supermarket, for your office or hotel lobby, our lamps provide you with:


    • Consistent color
    • High performance dimming
    • Maximum compatibility


    MASTER LEDlamps



    Words are important, but sometimes it's better to see things in action.


    Take a look at our videos, which include a variety of inspirational ideas and educational information. Maybe you want to see a product demonstration? A case study similar to a project you’re working on? Or, perhaps, you just want to explore the interesting things you can do with light. If you're intrigued by what you see, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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    Style has nothing to hide - the clear classic goes LED

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    The pressure to reduce energy consumption and decrease maintenance and operating costs will continue to grow in order to meet environmental and budget objectives. Understanding the total cost of a lighting installation over the course of its lifetime is becoming increasingly important as budgets get tighter and more efficient planning is required.


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