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    The perfect tube for every application with MASTER LEDtubes


    From offices to retail stores, car parks to industry, every customer has their own unique lighting requirements. Now you can find the right LEDtube every time with the Philips MASTER LEDtubes portfolio. From optimized energy efficiency to the highest light output for the most demanding applications. A simple switch, our LEDtubes come in a choice of lengths and color temperatures, with the option of rotating end caps. We’ve repositioned the way that our lamps are labelled into three new categories of light output – Standard, High and Ultra output.


    So with Philips, you have the right LEDtube every time.

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    Every business is keen to reduce, energy, maintenance and operating costs to meet increasingly tight budgets and challenging environmental targets. Compared to fluorescent TL-D lamps, MASTER LEDtubes offer signficant savings. Our quick comparison tool includes energy consumption, maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

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    Whether they need the best energy efficiency or the best light output, it's easy to find the right LEDtube every time.


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    Take a look at our videos, which include all sorts of inspirational ideas and educational information. Maybe you want to see a product demonstration? A case study similar to a project you’re working on? Or, perhaps, just the cool things you can do with lights? If you especially like what you see you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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    Your customers will have very different lighting requirements. Whether they need the best energy efficiency or the best light output, it’s easy to find the right LEDtube every time.

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