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    "The first MASTERColour CDM lamp was introduced in 1994 and since then over 220 million MASTERColour CDM and Elite lamps have been sold. Building on this extensive success, MASTERColour CDM Evolution is now available in four wattages. In addition to our 20 W and 35 W lamps we’ve extended the range with more powerful options in 50 W and 70 W."


    MASTERColour CDM Evolution offers essential benefits for my store: an efficient bright and vivid light at acceptable costs, due to its high efficiency and long lifetime."

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    To enhance the performance of your CDM lamps, we recommend to use either AspiraVision or PrimaVision drivers. The two components have been developed hand in hand with each other, undergoing extensive testing before they are approved for release. The result is light performance that’s optimized to ensure CDM lamps have pure sparkle that lasts.


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