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    Create the right atmosphere with halogen

    Halogen light is environmentally friendly and stands out for its brilliance. It creates rich contrasts and lights spaces with a clean, bright ambiance. Philips Halogen lamps are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes and are designed to suit a wide range of luminaires and applications.


    Our Halogen EcoClassic range shares the same shape as traditional incandescent bulbs, but is brighter and more durable. EcoClassic lamps are therefore the most natural alternative to the incandescent bulb


    In 1955 engineers at Philips developed a bulb that used the halogen bromine. This lamp was more efficient than iodine at that time and became a standard. Almost 60 years later Philips improved the halogen technology which lead to an outstanding halogen light bulb nowadays.

    How our halogen bulbs works

    The halogen bulb is known as quartz halogen and tungsten halogen lamp. It is an advanced form of the well-known incandescent bulb. The halogen bulb has a tungsten filament similar to the standard incandescent bulb, however the lamp is much smaller for the same wattage and contains a halogen gas in the bulb. The glass bulb is made of fused quartz, high – silica glass or aluminosilicate. The halogen bulb is stronger than standard glass in order to contain the high pressure. The temperature rapidly increases. The halogens boil to a gas at relatively low temperatures. A halogen is a monovalent element which readily forms negative ions. There are five halogens: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine and astatine. The halogen bulb has a compact size and high lumen output.


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    Experience more brightness with halogen lighting

    Are you looking for an instant on to full brightness? Would you like to adjust the amount of light to your needs?

    Halogen is the bulb for you:

    • Superior quality of light with excellent color rendering (Ra=100)

    • Fully dimmable (0 to 100 %) for all brightness levels

    • Instant light, no warm up time

    • Low replacement costs thanks to longer lifetime

    • Compact size, easy to fit

    • Longer lifetime than conventional incandescent bulbs

    Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes you will be sure to find the right bulb to fit your needs.

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    Need to know's


    Choose halogen bulbs? We explain why




    They give natural, clear, sparkling and warm light, and are fully dimmable.

    The huge variety of choice on offer means you’ll always be able to find the right bulb to fit your needs and existing light fixtures.

    From the familiar bulb design, over reflector lamps to special fittings: Halogens lights offer you the broadest range of lighting possibilities of any type of lamp and are still up to 30% more efficient than classic incandescent bulbs.


    In short:

    If you’re looking for the quickest and easiest way to replace classic bulbs throughout your home and still

    want to enjoy the same quality of clear, sparkling, warm light you‘re used to – Halogen lights are the perfect choice.


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